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Book Summary: Walking with Nanak

Book TitleWalking with Nanak
Book AuthorHaroon Khalid

Haroon Khalid’s lifelong fascination with Guru Nanak was reignited when he came upon Baburbani, a poem written by the saint. This and the discovery that Guru Nanak spent a large part of his life in Pakistan, inspired Khalid to undertake a journey that he hoped would help him learn more about the revered founder of Sikhism.

In this wonderful paean to Guru Nanak, Khalid describes his travels across the length and breadth of Pakistan as he visits the many (No Suggestions) and other locales associated with the saint, delving into their history and musing about their place and significance in a Muslim country. But this book is not merely a story about (No Suggestions), it is also a re-telling of the story of Nanak the son, the poet, the wanderer, the father, the friend. Sifting through the stories of his miracles and poetry, we emerge with a picture of Nanak, the man.

Also exploring the histories of all the subsequent Gurus after Nanak, the book traces the story of how an unorganized spiritual movement evolved into the institutionalized Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh. Through the journeys of all the Gurus, the book describes how Nanak the poet became Guru Nanak the saint.

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