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Book Summary: The Renegade Diet

Book TitleThe Renegade Diet
Book AuthorJason Ferruggia

With most muscle building diets you gain 1-2 pounds of fat for every pound of muscle. You get bigger but fatter. So you have to diet the fat off afterwards.

With most fat loss diets you lose a pound of muscle for every 2-3 pounds of fat. So you’re a little leaner but less muscular. Small, flat and smooth would be a good way to describe it.

Nobody likes the “skinny-fat” look. Not girls, not guys; NOBODY. So now you have to go back to bulking again.

And when you do the cycle repeats itself endlessly. You go back and forth from big and fat to small and soft.

The problem is your body adapted to a certain way of eating, through millions of years of evolution, that has nothing in common with traditional diets. When you ignore this you end up fatter, smaller and sicker.

Statistics show that our hunter-gatherer ancestors had significantly more muscle and less body-fat than the average person today. There were also fewer chronic diseases.

The Renegade Diet takes an alternative approach that goes against everything you think you know about nutrition and is, quite simply the most effective body-recomposition plan ever created.

If you’re ready to gain muscle without the fat, or get ripped while keeping your hard earned size, you’re ready for The Renegade Diet

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